Today we witness science and spirit uniting, demonstrating the vital interconnection between life and science. We have come to a place in technology and consciousness where science is able to prove that the tiniest particles of matter are moving with our thoughts.

It’s interesting to compare quantum physics of the modern world and ancient Daoist Philosophy. Both are concerned with studying relationships and the unity of life.

Most of us know Bruce Lipton’s book, Biology of Belief. He demonstrated that DNA and genes do not control our biology, that it’s controlled from outside the nucleus of the cell, transmitted through the cell membrane from our thoughts and feelings.

I am adopted from Saigon and I ended up getting the same type of cancerous cells of the Breast as my adopted mother – in fact, diagnosed in the same week.

So this means, I have power, I have dominion over my body, over my thoughts, over my experiences, over what I am seeing.

How can I create more Awareness in my life — to Purify what we see in order to see the Good in all of us? the good that has a capital G and that’s inherent.

The basic body energy is the fundamental structure of who we are. It carries information from our past and present and guides our development into the future. Our constitution is linked to our ancestry and shows up in our body strength and reserves – how we think, behave and relate to life and the world.

And there is something beyond this constitutional energy – our soul and spirit.

I think of the soul as the immaterial part of us that is woven into the body. Spirit is what animates us, and soul is the deep knowing of who we are and why we are here.

We are alive and this means that we are in a special time and place being alive right now. Cycles move in spirals, like healing, is rarely a straight line.

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