Almanac Astrology

The Chinese “tong shu” or almanac has been consulted by emperors and farmers alike for millennia to select optimum auspice for the action of government and the planting and harvesting of crops. Generals consulted it before battles, Daoists before the performance of rites, acupuncturists for “open” points, builders before digging foundations and village folk to plan a wedding or funeral.

Cataloging the collective experience/data was the duty of one of the Chinese governments largest departments – the department of Astro-Geomancy – a kind of cosmic Advisory Board.

If only we, in America, could follow such principles here in the west. A good place to start is have a Feng Shui Consultant near by, as well as someone who knows how to read the Tong Shu. But even before that, spend time in nature. The more you do, the more fresh air, stillness and slowing down… you will develop your third eye. A new kind of vision and compass.

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