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Making the Moose out of Life

Hip hip Poohray!

Ok… are you Bearly awake or are you AWAKE?!  I am in Orlando visiting my parents who are now Snowbirds (Cape Cod in the Summer, Orlando in the Winter)… They had originally picked this location because my 3 Foster brothers are mentally and physically challenged and they loved coming to Disney 3-4x/year so they ended up buying down here. Anyway, I loved all the -isms that were around Epcot yesterday.

There is something about adding something ‘cheery’ to your everyday life – Just. For. Fun. Sometimes I poke fun at the things people do and say to myself, “wow they have a lot of time on their hands!”. But the bottom line is that it is our J.O.B to feel good. And if that is our main mission, sustainable joy, then so be it.

So for today, find your -isms. Find JOY just for the sake of it. Find your silly self, your creative self, the nerd, geek in you where you simply enjoy something earthly, just because it brings a smile to your face.

Today I will continue to find the JOY here at Disney. 4 days, 4 theme parks. Here we go!

I’d love to hear what brings you joy. Do share.


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