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Discover Your Superpowers by changing your HABITS

For the next week or so, I’m going to focus on HABITS. Because it’s the small decisions that we make everyday that ADD up. Of course the larger than life decisions are always the ones that stand out. But I am making a case for us to take a moment and look at the smaller, minute decisions we make unconsciously that end up making more of an impact that we truly think.

Your first exercise is to look at your Physiological Fundamentals. These are vital to you maintaining enough gas in your tank!

Exercise – finding new ways to move your body that feels amazing

Rest – knowing when to  R E S T .  –> this is discernment and comes with experience. As we get closer to winter, you will feel into this more.

Nutriton – this is your fuel. Only ask yourself one question: Is this going to be energy-rich? If the food or drink you are imbibing is life-giving and feels like medicine, then wonderful.

Meditation – we need to empty our minds, stop the cyclical thinking and make space for the thoughts we want to think and the feelings we want to feel.

Sometimes just these 4 take willpower. Make a contract with yourself to ensure that you WILL start changing even one daily habit. Pick the one that you think will have the biggest impact. Start there first. Start With Yourself. It goes along way. In fact, it’s your only real “job”.

See ya’ tomorrow!  🙂

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