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As I finish my Doctorate program in the coming months, one of the things it has allowed me to do is become an expert. Now, mind you, I still have a lot to learn. But it allows one to focus, to go deep. It helps clarify what I need to learn and what I have to offer. This is similar to our own personal lives. It’s time to build places of uncompromising honesty so that your relations have a chance to grow, as Love needs a home. I was talking to my friend whose heart is broken this week. She has been pouring herself into painting while she coaches. Nothing cures heartache quite like applying yourself to what you believe in. In the magic of the holidays and Tis’ the season, the word that comes to mind is BELIEVE. Believe in yourself. Whatever you are wanting to call in for 2018, your job now is to uncover your gifts so that YOU can attract the perfect matches. Whether its a lover, a business partner, a new job, the perfect boss and so forth. Part of this uncovering process is confronting the aspects of yourself that have a harder time healing. The parts that have been trained to give away the things you need to keep for yourself. Sound familiar? It is much easier to GIVE rather than RECEIVE. Where do you get stuck? Where does your mind sit and ponder, on your sadness? On your loss? On your grief that has never fully expressed? On the past? It’s time to commit and invest into the relationships that expand and increase your commitment to your own healing. This is The Way. The Path. And then… you will understand how best to reinvest this new found energy and how best to manage the incredible wealth you have within.

You got this! We do this together.


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