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The greatest “squeeze” on your Energy comes from Stress, which can be thought of as the opposite of Energy. The physical brain and body respond in the same way to real or perceived stress. That means your THOUGHTS can have a tremendous impact on your Energy, regardless of your external situation.

In fact, you can create an Energy boost merely by changing your internal environment and that begins with changing your thoughts or perception.

According to Bruce Lipton, Developmental Biologist and Expert in Epigenetics, “an inappropriate response or perception (fear, negativity) affects cells, relationships and even other people around the world. A thought literally changes the chemical composition of the blood which is the medium for the cells. This in turn affect the fate of the cell-thriving or dying. A thought affects the brain and the brain affects the blood and the blood affects the health of cell and can influence Energy and certainly lead to disease.”

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Create your Energy Boost

1. Begin by assessing your Energy in descriptive words that generate a positive or curious perception. Let go of words that describe your Energy in a negative way. Free yourself from words like:

“Good” or “Bad”

“High” or “Low” 

Try not to use comparative or judgmental words to describe your Energy because now you understand using those words actually shuts down your flow. Find a description of your Energy that makes you giggle, smile, joyful!

2. Journal your Energy description DAILY for at least 21 days. An example would be:

“Today my Energy is playful, varied and bumpy. I am aware of ebbs and flows and I noticed that external events pull my Energy up and down. I also noticed that when I took deep breaths throughout the day, it seemed to make my Energy more constant and I smiled.”

3. Journal about your Energy as if you are the outside observer and it is its own universal connected entity.

4. Do this as many days as possible this month, allowing yourself to describe your Energy any way you like, without judging or rating or comparing or thinking it should be anything other than it is. Allow your Energy to be exactly as it is. Embrace it. Welcome it into your home.

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