sixty-seven ideas.


day forty-six. PLAY. Let’s be reminded about the simple concept of Yin and Yang. They are interdependent, which means they co-exist, they define one another through their existence. It’s the living in the city but loves to get away out to Napa for the weekend. Or living in Santa Cruz by the beach, and craving an adventure up in San Francisco. Depending on your “season”, PLAY might be a good thing or maybe not right “now”. Board games are such a great way to spend time with people. You get to know them, you get to expand different parts of your personality and it’s just good clean fun. This morning at my networking meeting called Team Women, we each pulled a card from Jannette’s deck and I pulled the PLAY card. The question to ask yourself is, do you want, need or crave more PLAYTIME in your life? Are you too serious? Are you working too hard? Do you know how to have fun? Only you can answer that. Just take a moment and check in with yourself. When is the last time you giggled so hard you rolled backwards and almost peed your pants?! When was the last time you screamed because of a thrill or danced with sweat dripping because you were so in the moment. There are so many ways to have FUN and I encourage you as we enter the Holidays to ensure that some FUN is to be had. It helps keep your cortisol down and especially when family can sometimes be triggering, enter in some playfulness — you never know, you may just enjoy the holidays in a different light.

Taken this morning at Twin Lakes around 6:45 a.m.

Taken last Saturday night.

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