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We had a New Moon in Scorpio early Saturday morning, as well as our Sun is in Scorpio right now. When you scan your life and want to make changes in a certain area, we must be wiling to move through the extremely uncomfortable feelings we may feel and stay the course. Anytime we want to change something about ourselves, our work, our relationships, our lives — it takes hard work, dedication and a connection to your own self-worth. This Autumn season is about self-esteem, ruled by the Metal element, what is your worth in gold? You DO have the ability to do “the work”. And deepening your connection within will allow YOU to validate the thing you are trying to bring into being. What is interesting about this week is that Jupiter and Venus come together in Scorpio. All that means is this is about incredible abundance. In fact, excess! There is healing to be had through joyful connections and this abundance, because we are in a  water element, will be brought with emotional intensity.This dichotomy shows you the interconnectedness of life. With the season of grief and loss, we may feel a recipe of exhilaration alongside unrelenting grief in regards to all that is coming to light in our lives and in our own world. Situations that may have caused harm in the past may have some movement you may see a shimmer of something positive in the distance. When we want to bring about change, it’s because we don’t feel good. Perhaps we’ve been hurt. Life and relationships and all its dynamics can be complex. We often want to have a reflex of anger and to take action to move from the pain. What is revealed during this time should be embraced with patience, respect and thoughtfulness for the intricate complexities brought up by our pain. You wan to heal the parts of you that feel separate. It’s just an illusion. Otherwise, we will spiral and circle back recreating our problems, they will just look different but feel the same.

With this new moon, we are entering a new lunar cycle with heightened awareness of the area we need to heal, how to distinguish our emotions that are guiding us to where we need to pay attention to. The darkness of scorpio reveals secrets that need to be healed and perhaps brought to the surface and feel the relief of all the energy it has taken to keep those secrets quiet. No more. Free up constraint and allow your energy to be free flowing. It’s much easier this way. The power that is available to us when we allow the truth to surface is unmatched by anything given by the outside world. This new moon is reminding us of the presence of that power. Our access to our own power. The importance of refusing any narrative that would keep us from that power. It takes a tremendous courage to stand up for the truth. A tremendous determination and belief in one’s own truth to challenge abusive situations, institutions or dynamics that don’t serve us. You got this.

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