sixty-seven ideas.


Are you a serious contender for your own team?

We all have goals.

In fact, perhaps we want a new job and to get hired or we are looking for a new relationship, persons to start a business or even a new circle of friends. But what we may forget, is that we have to show up as the contender we are looking for. We can’t look for something that we don’t see in ourself because we won’t recognize it. The more you show up for you, in the ways you want others to show up for you, people will come out of the wood works to play in the same sand box. I spoke about signing up for the Doctorate program of your life so you can become a master at your craft, whatever that is. When you do this, your vibratory pattern shifts and people will show up to guide you and for you to guide. The first thing to do is to say yes to the path that will lead you to your legacy, your lifes work, your destiny. 2018 isn’t about waiting for the right moment, it’s about whatever you have right now. As Michael Jackson once said, This Is IT.


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