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Your personal Horsepower

No abuse of power will ever lead to Wisdom

This year has been a bit cray cray with the political arena in the U.S. I remind all of us about shadow work and that we all have the capacity to be all spectrums of human capacity. AND… we also have the power to choose which parts of humanity we choose to express.

I always want people to know how powerful they are. Especially when it comes to their own HEALTH and the choices around their health. Mostly we feel that we have to surrender to our bank account or some doctor in a white coat. Know that you have this infinite source available to you at all times. It’s just knowing how to access it and know how to use it, cultivate more, etc.

The New Year is approaching. This means that a lot of people will start health and fitness programs. I mainly think of fitness regimens. The 1st day of the year is here so I must join a gym! Eastern philosophy states differently. We have officially entered WINTER… this means there is an insurmountable feeling of “weight” of the Big Yin we call it, so conserving your energy is in order…. I tend to tell my patients, instead of going 0 to 100, perhaps head to the 75 range… go through life during the winter at a 6-7. This allows the perfect speed to stay connected to your within, to make integrated choices, say Yes to activities that nourish you and so forth.

There is a lot of wisdom that comes in through the Winter months IF we are able to find stillness. The power you have over your own life depends on your capacity to feel it. It doesn’t come from buying something, it comes from you feeling it and cultivating it. How much horsepower do you have?

Lastly, a lot of folks feel isolated and alone during this time as well. When you are feeling some of this, do something for someone. It actually gives you energy and life force. It ushers in the blessing as you bless. These acts of majesty helps you maintain the necessary nourishment and continue to weave interconnectedness to sustain you in the days, months and years to come.


Notice your horsepower. Notice the speed you are going at right now and adjust accordingly.



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