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Are you victim to feeling foggy, run-down, easily overwhelmed or even irritable?

If so, chances exist in the foods you are eating or your daily routine could be causing your body to work in overdrive to keep you up and going, which in-turn may cause the body harm.

Did you know that coffee and cannabis have a lot of MOLD?

Most of you know we have been working with Dr. Christopher Shade this year, learning about mold, heavy metal toxins and the incredible benefits of Cannabidiols that you get in his Hemp Oil, based in Boulder, Colorado.

Dr. Shade has helped us understand that neuroinflammation, described above, can cause imbalance in the mind and body. This reason alone is why he began utilizing his amazing liposomal delivery with phytocannabinoids, and the results have been astonishing.

I believe everyone needs to be on this product.

In Dr. Shade’s words, “We have the best phytocannabinoid delivery system in the world! And why can we say that? The delivery system is the differentiator…it’s the secret sauce that delivers these wonderful plant compounds directly into the bloodstream, which in turn, runs throughout the brain and body at speeds quicker than any other oil on the market.”

The beauty about our product is the effectiveness of the liposomal delivery system. These spherical vesicles filled with phytocannabinoid diols enter into the body through the mouth, then are passively and rapidly diffused into the bloodstream, which then circulates throughout the brain and body. It is this vehicle that mimics nature’s natural ability to deliver compounds throughout the body.

Our Nano-Enhanced Oil can help bring calmness to the mind and body…and when you calm down the mind, it cascades down throughout the entire body — allowing the body to know rest, which helps its ability to recover.

To understand the potential of this oil…to truly know what the oil can do for you, you have to try it for yourself or give the gift to a loved one, who may never, ever, spend money on themselves, especially their health.

Sample sizes are great, but I always strongly suggest getting the regular size bottle. It’s worth it. YOU are worth it!


Here’s to clean living. Sustainable living. A thriving existence.

Sample sizes are $40
Full size bottles are $149
Auto-ship Monthly $119 (cancel anytime)

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