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Take your time seriously and others will do the same.

Think of each moment as a precious portal. Each hour as a measure of our lives. Each day we either have spent time being who we are meant to be in the world and working toward making our dreams come true — or not. It’s so easy to squander our hours and days and lives, talents and time. It takes actual effort to go against the grain of our ego’s desire. What does your Ego want? It wants instant gratification. It’s your 7-year old self that needs attention all day long. Unfortunately, egos can distract us from our true work here on the planet.

And there is good news. How do we conquer or egos or break some of our old habits or things we do that don’t serve our highest good? The right rituals can break this cyclical cycle. This is such a great time of year to decide which habit needs to be broken. It’s time to sprinkle some discipline to your commitments and instill practices that will help you evolve beyond your comfort zone and the notions that limit yourself and your thinking. Remember, most of us do not like change. When we start doing things that are good for ourselves, it’s usually uncomfortable in the beginning and we can get irritable and frustrated and want to throw the towel in. But eventually, you will build up the strength needed to feel stronger and a larger sense of strength. In doing so, you will feel the energy that freedom brings.

Let us be practical. I bought a paper calendar for 2018 and have decided to change things up a bit in my relationship to my goals and time. Take a look at your past year (hopefully you’ve kept a calendar or date book) and look at the way you spent your days and time. Now take a look at your current goals for 2018 and the possible gap that may exist between you in this moment and that reality. Time management will be important for your success in reaching your goals and dreams.

Map out a daily plan that you can stick to that will lead you in the direction that you want to go in.

It is also important to fill your calendar with daily rituals that serve you such as meditation in the morning, affirmations, making a fresh juice, responding to emails in the afternoon, so that manifesting your goals is not only possible, but inevitable. Make up your mind about your success and refuse to accept anything less, you got this!


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