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17 days left of 2017.

For sure, this has been a wild ride. The Peacock, Fire Rooster Year is NO JOKE! Fan your Feathers, adore your own beauty and notice the flames that are a burning. You are burning the road behind you as you walk and then take off into FLIGHT to get a clear visual of where you are headed for 2018 and then the Dog Year.

We have encountered our fair share of bumps and bruises this year. In the face of obstacles and detours, you have somehow continued to find your TRIBE, to deepen your FAITH and TRUST in yourself and this great Universe that all is truly well (or it better be soon).

You can handle this. Life will never give you something or someone you can’t handle. I do know this, although it gets pretty yucky at times. Find your inner strength. Know that you have to give and be everything to you FIRST.

Just Keep Moving

In Chinese medicine, we want your Qi flowing. So keep moving forward. AND… check your compass. I’d hate for you to be climbing up the wrong mountain, so to speak.  🙂

See ya’ tomorrow! Oh and if you are feeling inspired, donate to Snowball.  This Saturday 9 a.m. we are honoring her at Seabright Beach (top of stairs at 3rd avenue we will meet). Bring your coffee/tea and your four-legged. We will walk to the ocean, share a few stories and spread her ashes.


Wherever you are at on your journey today, JUST KEEP GOING because cause nothing worth having comes easy! I know that being in a Mercury in Retrograde time can be difficult for some, mainly because communication goes haywire, whether it’s interpersonal communication or technology communicating. Breathe. There is beauty all around. I’ve included some winter images to allow you to slow down and notice the beauty in all of it. Yes, all of it.  xoxo

Don’t settle.

You get to feel what you want. Create that. Know this, trust the process and do whatever it takes. BE whomever you have to BE to feel your inherit Greatness.


deal with your shit. For real. The places in your life that is giving you feedback (frustration, sadness, worry, anxiety, depression, fear) take that information to INFORM your next move. In some ways it’s a game. Chess? Checkers? Which game are you playing and do you know your next 3 moves?



Donate to Snowball

(medical bills) and we will gift you GEAR of your choice from the Santa Cruz Challenge, Start With Yourself program!

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