sixty-seven ideas.


I love the idea of 3 Christmas trees! Past, Present and Future.


I hope today is divine perfection!

The best thing about holidays as you get older as you get to choose what you do with your day, how you spend it, whom with and so forth. It is my only hope that you are able to gift yourself the power of choice, rather than the concept of “should”.

Throughout my visit with my parents I took pictures of the different Christmas trees… it’s fun to see how different people do their trees. One thing I have made a mental note is to buy something I would use everyday when I travel. This trip, I think it’s going to be a tablespoon. I also made a note that if it’s a significant trip, to buy a Christmas ornament. This trip I will buy an ornament. Starting new traditions is a great idea…

I made a silly video and added some bitmoji emoticons… mainly to wish you a cheerful day, wherever you may be. Sending you a big hug from me to you. I will be leaving soon to enter Magic Kingdom with my parents. Many feel Disney is a place to stay far away from. There are of course, things I may not agree with (their food choices, plastic water bottles, etc.) but… to bring more magic into your life is pretty awesome! So I’ll take the Disney Spirit in today and concoct something magical of my own…

Merry Christmas to you!



Happy Holidays
from my
Bitmoji  🙂

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