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Snowball Bean

10/06/02 – 12/02/17 and forever more!

I’m sending this email in honor of Snowball Bacon Bean. Many of you have known and loved this precious gift that has trampled little paw prints into our hearts! You may know her from bootcamp, the Santa Cruz Challenge, or may have met her walking downtown Santa Cruz or the beach, or from the countless photos posted on FB over the years.

Snowball Bacon Bean – 15 yrs 

Picture taken first hour she moved to Santa Cruz! We drove down Ocean Street and right out to West Cliff. This was taken at Its Beach. One Happy Snowball!

From Dr. Michelle Bean:

My precious little Westie passed away in my arms on December 2nd, 2017 shortly after the memorial service of my Tia Norma. We were in Boise, ID and she was surrounded by her Bean family (her 1st mommy Veronica my niece, my 2 sisters Jessica and Jackie, and my 2 nieces Yasmin and Isabel. Beans!)

My sweet girl had pulmonary fibrosis (thickening of the lungs/airways) and secondary pulmonary hypertension (enlarged heart working to pump blood through her precious lungs).  By the time I was aware of her condition it was already severely advanced and it progressed rapidly.

I’m going to love that little girl forever!


Snowball and Veronica

I got Snowball 15 yrs ago to be to be a sidekick, BFF, and loyal companion for my niece Veronica. I was leaving Reno to go to Chiropractic school and wanted Veronica to have a lil spunky friend while I was away.

Snowball lived with Veronica for 8 yrs in Reno. She was her best friend and confidant. I’ve tried endlessly to get Snowball to ‘spill the beans’ and tell me all of Veronica’s secrets. But she never did. She remained loyal to her Ronica to the end.


Snowball and LeTa

She inherited another mommy, her very own LeTa JuSilly! Even though Snowball didn’t look like a ‘real dog’ at first to leTa, so small with pointy ears and a funny haircut … it was only a matter of time that Snowball sprinkled her Westie Dust and had LeTa in a love trance … fluffing beds, laying down blankets, buying toys, and creating costumes and holiday fun based around our sweet little Snowball.


Snowball and Ginger

I’m grateful that Ginger heard our call and dropped into our lives. I’ve never been quite certain who’s call Ginger heard, but I’m convinced now that it must have been Snowball.

At times it appeared that Snowball could care less about Ginger, and still I know they made a great pair. I do believe that in their 4 years of sisterhood Snowball had the opportunity to pass along her wisdom to sweet Ginger.


Snowball and Beanie

Anyone with 4-legged, winged, tailed, or finned family knows how easily they ooze love into the deepest crevices of our hearts. This has been true for me. Snowball has taught me so much about unconditional love, loyalty and compassion, forgiveness, listening and communication, sacrifice, and ultimately loss and non-attachment …. she’s taught me how to be a better human companion and she has given me so much entertainment, happiness and laughter.

I can’t find the words to explain how good of a doggy she is …  in so many ways.

I love her forever. I miss everything about her. I trust and know she is resting in peace. With all the love of my heart, body and soul I hold her as she soars into the ethers, no longer confined to her precious physical body that held her sweet spirit for 15 years.

It is a universal law that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Her body will return to the Earth as her spirit flies free. She is now free to be everywhere and anywhere (probably chasing moles and eating endless amounts of bacon).

I’ll see you out there Snowball


in Honor and Remembrance of our Mascot, Friend, and Companion 


Join us at Seabright Beach this Saturday, December 16th at 8:30 a.m. to walk out to the ocean, to celebrate life, to absorb the beauty that is our home, and to honor LOVE of the 4-legged, in particular this time .. Snowball

Bring your doggies, yourself, a friend … coffee/tea and take a walk with us. Ginger is so sad and I think would be filled with joy to walk with all her friends during this difficult transition.

Meet near the old Aldo’s, near the entrance to the harbor and we’ll walk out towards the lighthouse then out to the beach.


I need to work!!! It’s been a difficult couple of months traveling back and forth to Boise and Reno to take care of my Tia and support my Mom and family, and then unexpectedly losing my best friend, Snowball.

I’m coming back to Santa Cruz this weekend after nearly 2 months. It’s time for me to get back to work. Snowball Bean left me with a pretty hefty vet bill and hence gave me some motivation to get back to work. I’m a small business owner and as you know, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.

I’m reaching out to my community to ask you to help put me back to work. I want to take care of your precious spine and/or help to maintain some holiday calm.

Allow me … to help you … help me!

NEW PATIENT FEE ($119) waived 

Chiropractic Adjustments $40 -$75 (regular $60)
AromaTouch Session $75 – $125 (regular $85)

Hugs and BellyRubs – FREE
Memories of Snowball – Priceless

  • Relieve neck/back pain
  • Relieve upper back tension
  • Prevent early degeneration of your spine
  • Maintain/improve proper nerve flow between your brain and body

Both traditional and GENTLE (no popping, cracking or twisting of the spine) is available for you.

Ongoing self-care is KEY to long-term health goals and ongoing preventative care!!

AromaTouch Session 50 minutes

Combining the therapeutic benefits of 8 essential oils and therapeutic massage of varying degrees along energy meridians to address 4 key areas :

  • Stress Management
  • Immune Support
  • Inflammation and Pain Reduction
  • Balance and Homeostasis

$75 – $150 (Regular $125)


Give the gift of an AromaTouch session or Spinal Health or donate below.

I cannot book an appointment with you at this time but I would be honored to help ease your recent financial burden and make a contribution towards your vet bill or towards a painting of Snowball of the picture below.

Thank you for loving Snowball over the years. Thanks for loving her and following her and petting her, and walking with her, and liking and commenting on our social media posts and entertaining us by participating in our silly activities with Snowball!!!!

I know she was loved … she eluded love!

Guaf Guaf  (woof woof in Spanish)



Dr. Michelle Bean

Beanie, Leta, Veronica, Ginger, Tica and all the Beans!


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