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Nourish Yourself

From Seed to Shelf: Pure, Safe and Potent Herbal Extracts based on Classical Chinese Medicine.


What are the ways in which you are NOURISHING yourself?
Ancient Formulas for Modern Living.
Mother Earth has what you need.
It’s time for YOU to Receive, Revive and THRIVE!


Chinese herbs focus on correcting dysfunction of certain organs and unhealthy body patterns. The goal of herbal therapy is to bring the body back into a state of homeostasis (balance) and restore proper energy (also called Qi).

Individuals with many different symptoms can be treated with herbs, including those with frequent colds or the flu, fatigue, trouble breathing, infertility, allergies, chronic pain, anxiety or depression, trouble sleeping, menopausal symptoms and even people recovering from cancer or chemotherapy.

Who would benefit? Everyone! 🙂 AND… some scenarios that make a patient a good candidate for herbal therapy include having more than one unexplained symptom, feeling fatigued on top of having other symptoms, not responding well to medications or experiencing side effects, feeling anxious or depressed, in addition to having other symptoms.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine



Doctor LeTa will give you personalized instructions on what herbal formulas are bet for you to reach your goals, how to take with some additional suggestions.

Nourish Yourself

  • Watch a sunrise or sunset! Take your dog or yourself on a walk or just step outside and feel that sun on your face.
  • Move in a way that feels great – maybe that’s Qi Gong, yoga, dance, mountain biking or something new to you. Change it up! Continue to search for new ways to move your body that feel amazing.
  • Slow down. Find stillness. This can look a hundred different ways.
  • Stretch session! Find a carpet and hold long poses so your muscles can relax. (or foam roll!)
  • Meditate. Start with 1-minute a day and go up from there. Make it so you can’t lose.
  • Breathing exercises. Take deep breaths in your belly, your rib cage, your low back and chest.
  • Journal. write. It’s much different than talking or thinking. You never what will come through the good ol’ pen and paper.
  • Talk it out. Grab a friend, or a trusted therapist, and talk it out. Others often are great at helping you identify your blindspots or patterns you’re not aware of.
  • Color! Find a coloring book of mandalas or nature scenes as it can bring you into a meditative state. You might enjoy it!
  • Find a restorative or yin yoga class. This could be Tao Yin Yoga at our Qi Gong center.
  • Do a walking meditation: Head outside, and walk in nature. Beaches or woods trails are great, but you can do it anywhere.
  • Play music or sing. Or create the most epic playlist that you just can’t sit down to.
  • Connect with others! Have a deep, soulful conversation with a friend or family member.
  • Give yourself a day-long or weekend-long solo retreat. Stay at home (alone, if possible), or retreat to somewhere. Allow yourself to take care of yourself in the ways that feel best to you – sleeping in, taking long baths, exploring nature, or journaling. Listen to what your intuition guides you to do – not what you think you “should” be doing.
  • Drink tea. Pu-erh is my favorite, but green and black are good too!
  • Create a mindful morning routine – free of email and social media!
  • Change your Environment. Feng Shui your home with things you absolutely LOVE.
  • Read. This is critical! Find topics that you are interested in, non-fiction AND fiction.
  • Adventure: travel somewhere near or far. Be open to new experiences and get curious about other places and people.
  • Touch. Receiving touch is huge! Find a friend or pet and have a cuddle session.
  • Volunteer. Giving back allows you to feel good. You receive, by giving.
  • Try something new! Painting? A music lesson? A guitar lesson? Check out for some ideas!
  • Listen to yourself. Your inner guidance is your best guide. Take advice from others, but you ultimately decide what is best.
  • Set boundaries with people, your work, your family, your friends. This is so you stay IN relationship.
  • Love. Love yourself. First. 


This list offers so many different ideas, but it’s only a small scattering of the infinite ways to nourish yourself. When you recognize what is nourishing to you, you can create more space in your life to engage in these ways – or simply leave the space to nourish you.

The key is tuning into your inner Self to listen to what is nourishing for you – the answers are always within you.

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