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Gain more Flexibility and Range of Motion

So you can MOVE the way you want to move! Who doesn’t want to feel FREE, moving through our days with no pain, with better range of motion and flexibility? Perhaps you want to gain strength, you want to be able to do more. We have this most amazing vessel called the human body that our Soul is housed in. Let’s stay connected to this body of ours and pay attention to the places that are needing some TLC.

When we have a symptom or issue, an ache or pain, some tightness and limited mobility, sometimes we ignore it. We just want to remind you that something small as buying a role of high quality sports tape can make all the difference!

Here is an example of the instructional video’s that STRENGTHTAPE made to make sure it’s super EASY for you to use!

We want you THRIVING and out there having ADVENTURES and FUN. That may mean you might need some support and stability. We hope you try this amazing sports tape. It’s not just for when you are working out!

STRENGTHTAPE® – Kinesiology Tape

STRENGTHTAPE® Kinesiology Tape is perfect for everyone from hard charging athletes to weekend warriors.

Featuring AllSport™ adhesive, athletic kinesiology tape by STRENGTHTAPE® provides support & stability for muscles, joints, and tendons for up to 7 days in nearly any condition or climate, including water.

Product highlights

  • STRENGTHTAPE® is 30% stickier and stretches 10% more than other brands of kinesiology tape.
  • Made of breathable cotton and Spandex. It is not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Pre-Cut rolls include tape for up to 10 complete applications.
  • Provides support & stability for injured muscles, joints, and tendons.
  • Each roll includes easy-to-follow instructions for the most common injuries.

Benefits of StrengthTape

All suitabilitySupport & Stability
StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape is the perfect combination of stretch, adhesive, and support.
Support & StabilityAllSport Adhesive

Featuring the industry best AllSport Adhesive, it sticks even in the toughest conditions like rain, sweat, or mud.

AllSportIncrease Circulation and Lymphatic Flow

Let StrengthTape provide the support and effectiveness to help the body heal.

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You can watch a 2-minute video on how to TAPE any part of your body that needs it!

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