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It’s been shown that quality of sleep matters more than the amount of sleep you get, but what are the best ways to perfect your sleep?

Here are SOME of our Sleep Hacks for you:

1. Track your sleep. There are apps that track your sleep quality based on how much you move during the night, and these apps will help you discover what works – and what doesn’t – so you can optimize your sleep patterns. Sleep Cycle works well and is what I use. The best part of this app is that the alarm is set to a 20-30 minute interval so you arise at the best possible REM so you are feeling refreshed instead of groggy. This has been huge for me personally.

2. Make your room as dark as possible. Unplug everything that glows, cover your windows with black curtains. Your bedroom may look like it belongs to the Unabomber, but you’ll sleep like a baby. You can buy specific black out curtains, but another solution is to use an eye pillow and keep whatever window coverings you have.

3. Develop a bedtime routine that starts about 2 hours before bed, and start eliminating glowing screens then. I use Zen Tech screen protectors to block blue light from my devices. Here is my link: bulletproof store.

4. As much as you love your energy from coffee or tea, stop at 2 p.m.

5. Make sure you go to bed before 11 pm. Ideally, you are turning off the light around 10:30. 6. Don’t exercise within 2 hours before you go to bed.

6. Use a sleep induction mat. This has tiny plastic spikes to stimulate acupuncture points along your back to induce a deep state primed for a deep sleep. Buy one in our clinic or we can ship to you. Hence, what this post is about!  Yeah!


A stimulating relaxation tool to induce faster, deeper sleep.

18″ wide by 31 1/8″ long, 1.4 pounds


  • Fall asleep faster
  • Upgraded sleep quality
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Energy increase
  • Supports healthy endorphin and oxytocin release
  • Maintains healthy levels of stress

The Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat is a tool that helps you fall asleep faster, feel more refreshed, and improve overall energy levels. It’s about the size of a pillowcase and can be rolled up for storage or travel.

A few minutes of lying on the mat stimulates acupressure points up and down your back to ease your body into a deep relaxation response. This acupressure stimulation quickly increases blood circulation, which then causes your body to release endorphins and beneficial hormones in response. Several important acupuncture meridians are located on the back. The meridians along the spine and shoulders boost relaxation and increase deep restfulness which in turn gives you more energy upon waking. You will first feel a flood of warmth to the back area, followed by a dramatic release of muscle tension as any aches and pains start to melt away. The concept for the Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat originates from techniques in acupuncture developed in Russia, China, India, and the Middle East. Similar concepts and devices have been used as meditation tools throughout history.

Pay here:

Bulletproof Sleep mat


The Bulletproof® Sleep Induction Mat is made from high quality, non-toxic sources that deliver maximum benefit with minimum risk to your health.

The 100% organic cloth is made from 55% organic hemp/45% organic cotton, and the acupressure stimulation points are made with non-toxic recyclable ABS plastic. We make sure there is no harmful synthetic AZO dye in the fabric.

Use and features

Achieve deeper sleep with the Bulletproof(R) Sleep Induction Mat. Lay the mat down on your bed or floor and position a small pillow above the mat. Lie down slowly and allow the tiny nodules to press into your back. The mat’s acupressure nodules are long and pointed but they will not harm your skin when used properly; lie down on the mat slowly and carefully to avoid any sudden pain or scraping of the skin. Your body will begin to release endorphins after a short while. When you are finished, roll off the mat and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Ideal time on the mat will vary from person to person. Start simply with 15 minutes lying on the mat before bed, and slowly increase the time to 30-40 minutes as you get more comfortable. Feel free to use a thin towel or t-shirt over the mat when you are first starting, as this will reduce the intensity of the initial sensation.

The first few times you use it, the pressure is intense for approximately 2 minutes. After that, your nervous system accepts the stimulus and you experience a feeling of calmness and peace. The sensation is pleasant after the first few uses.The mat is not just for helping you get to sleep.

You can also use it to:

  • Relieve back tension
  • Stimulate your body’s energy
  • Massage your feet
  • Release facial tension
  • Relax your head and neck
  • Upgrade digestion
  • Improve healthy skin
  • Enhance vision
  • Mid-day recharge


The mat can also be used on the stomach, the sides of the face, or rolled up on the back of the neck.

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