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We have officially entered Winter! AND… it’s time to celebrate the Return of the Sun. Yippee! But remember what this day is about and what winter is about… it’s about finding spaciousness in your day or life these months to get into a deep state of inner reflection and turn within. It is with doing so, you can find the light within. I love that metaphor… that it’s so “dark” outside that you have to light up your life from your own inner self.

My north node is in Capricorn. What does that mean? It tells you your Life’s Purpose. It holds the keys to your destiny and ultimate life lessons. You also have a south node, too. Not to get too much into it, but what makes this Winter Solstice so unique is that we are entering Capricorn and Saturn is a major player right now (last time it was in Capricorn was 29 years ago, I think). Anyway, think of a night light plugged in to illuminate just enough for you to not be scared of your future unknown. It helps to have Trust and Faith… but a little vision is nice too, to rest that beating heart. I want to embrace my North Node in Capricorn because who else shares this with me? Oprah, among others. It’s time for me to embrace my leadership, empowering others and my professional and business acumen. I accept!

What is more exciting about today is tomorrow! Mercury is going to direct again, yeah! Best to say that whatever information is coming in, it is timeless in its wisdom. The right commitments you make right now will set you free.  However, without discipline, consciousness escapes us. Find a practice and find the structures that work for you, that allow you to thrive.

Lastly, honesty opens up every possibility for evolution. Without it we are just roaming around the same issues thinking we have gotten some place new. This new moon asks us to embrace the strides we have taken to push past the barriers of self doubt and to embrace the effort it takes to truly mature. Efforts that will, in the end, bring gifts so abundant we wonder why anyone would pass up such a sacred task! Ha! I have been forcing myself to slow down so I can be connected to all parts of myself so I can be honest. Honest with myself first so I can be courageous to be honest with the world and the people in my life.

A rich time, indeed!

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