sixty-seven ideas.


day thirty-eight. Gratitude. Thanksgiving. Today is about feeling and acknowledging all the feelings, people, things, experiences, ideas, concepts and so forth that we are grateful for. When we are able to embody, feel, think about how much gratitude we have for the grace that is bestowed upon our lives, we then vibrate at a higher frequency. This vibration then attracts more like experiences to us. More of that please.

Today, my hope is that each person is nourished. That we are able to gather around a dinner table with a fellow traveler on this Earth, perhaps more than one. If so lucky, we are surrounded by family, friends and our community. My hope is that we are sharing a meal in Oneness, in Love, in Presence. My hope is that this for everyday, but today we get to Pause. We get to “break bread” and reflect on how much we have to be grateful for.

I know I am deeply in gratitude for so many things. My body, my consciousness, my self-love, my Family, my friends, my community, Chinese medicine and so on… This life is not about being alone. It’s meant to be shared in whatever capacity we are able to. The holidays can be a very difficult time for many. Let us start new memories. Let us heal our wounds, find forgiveness and realign ourselves with our deepest intent.

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