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As we prepare for Cyber Monday….


Give the Gift of Health to You and Your Loved Ones

Most of us take care of our kids or our pets first. It’s often uncomfortable and we feel SELFISH if we spend money on ourselves. We are offering for Cyber Monday a discount on all of our services in the form of a GIFT CARD. If the ones you love won’t spend the money on themselves, you can.

Do you have a FLEX SPENDING ACCOUNT? Or perhaps a HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT? We accept those! 

We must be BOLD in what and who we stand for. We live sub-par, most of the time. We “deal” with symptoms or issues because we think they are “normal”. This just is not the case and doesn’t have to be.

We at Optimal Health and Fitness have been here since June, 2003, serving our local community. We love serving the place we do and hope you will continue to support what supports you.

Blessings and thanks for being a part of our community, we are so grateful of you!

Cyber Monday Deals from OHF

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