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I just took this picture today at 7:15 a.m.

Seabright Beach, Santa Cruz

We had just finished our morning workout. During our side plank, without falling down, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped the picture of Ginger as the sun rose… today was HARD to wake up. It had rained so hard last night that I was for sure making the case for staying in bed. Mind you, I am the teacher. It was dark, somewhat cold and all that TURKEY had instantaneously made me into a Buddha, without the wisdom. So luckily I got up and out. It always works this way. The Universe always has gifts, if we are AWAKE, AVAILABLE and OPEN. For those of you who have attended one of our outdoor fitness classes, you know we end the class with a Qi Gong move called ‘Pulling Down the Heavens”. We had just finished that when we turned around to high five one another and BAM! The most beautiful rainbow appeared, only lasting about 45 seconds…

It makes you think how fleeting some moments are and they pass us by without us noticing. What IS our attention on these days? Are we too busy looking down at our phones? Are we spending too much energy OUTWARD and not INWARD? How can we be present this holiday season, the season of consumption? The season of buying things to show our love, to fill an emotional void.

I say the best gift of health is buying something that someone won’t buy for themselves, for whatever reason. I am promoting Chinese Medicine and HEMP Oil to be your top gifts this holiday.  🙂


Hemp Oil

Retail online or in person $149 + tax or Wholesale $119 auto-ship, cancel on your own

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