sixty-seven ideas.


I woke up and realized it was 11-22. I have always been a fan of numbers, so much in fact, I was on the Math Team in high school for a bit. So after a beautiful outdoor fitness class, I decided to look up what this day was and here is what I found:

Blackout Wednesday, Black Wednesday, Drinksgiving, Thanksgiving Eve, Go for a Ride Day, Humane Society Anniversary Day, National Cranberry Relish Day, National Stop the Violence Day, National Caregivers Day, National Jukebox Day, National Start Your Own Country Day, Tie One on Day, What Do You Love About America Day.

Tie One on Day is about tying on an apron, not about drinking. Good to know! And my favorite?! National Start Your Own Country Day is being observed today! It has been observed annually on November 22nd since 1939. I love the concept. To design a world, a “state” that you want to live in. You don’t necessarily have to go so far as to start your own country of course. But by starting with ourselves, being the person we want our neighbor to be — that’s a great place to START. We live in such an interesting time. I believe my parents used to say that and now I’m saying it, too. We’ve heard of the expression, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

This holiday season, especially around the dinner table this Thursday, go through the Sufi Gates. 1. Is it True? 2. Does it need to be said? 3. Does it need to be said by ME?! 4. If I will speak, can I do it in a way that it’s well received and said with kindness and compassion? I have kind of re-worded it a bit, but you get the gist. A lot going on in our political weather, with corporations and sexual harassment, stolen identities with Equifax and Uber and the rest. And then there is our own local climate. The weather, the season of our own individual lives. Start with LOVE. Self-love. Then the extra give unto your family and loved ones. Look around and notice who is on the journey with you. The chosen ones, the ones that create your family nucleus. Take a real good look. Find solace in that each of us are existing our own unique life. And with no judgment, just be present. For most of us want to be seen, to be loved, to be heard. And for that, we can do. It doesn’t cost us anything but courage, patience and unconditional love. You got this.


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