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What do you want to FEEL?

What are your Core Desired Feelings?

“Your resistance to change is your fear of the death of who you think you are. Actually, change destroys who you are not, so who you are can emerge.” ~P. Rengel

*I selected the above image because often we are clouded by the appearance of a situation or circumstance. But the path we are on is to know, to trust, that just behind that “cloud” is the beautiful divine birthright of joy, love, peace and connection which allows us to experience all the glory here on Earth.

If you know how you want to feel, it’s the most complete compass you’ll ever need when thinking about setting your intentions or goals. As Mercury goes direct on December 2nd for the next 3 weeks, it’s always a great time to review, refine. What lessons did the Scorpio season flood you with? Were you reawaken with your commitment to connect with others as when we do it actually transforms us. As you move through Sagittarius it can encourage you to believe in your power of calling in, manifesting, invoking everything that you want to experience. Start fine-tuning over the next 3 weeks of want you to want to FEEL and experience. YOU are a powerful creator and when you recognize that you are co-creating your life with Universal Intelligence and Universal Law, that’s when you feel the magic and mystery of Life.

As you review, make a point of acknowledging the things in your life you are grateful for. And when you start to think, wish desire a different experience, praise this awareness, this distinction. Invite what you want into your consciousness so that you can actually feel their emotional impact on you. FEEL your way into the creation of new experiences in 2018. Some may say it’s daydreaming, but daydreaming about how you wish to impact the world is unifying your intention with the Universal force that truly has your back.

Hold the vibration. Retain the feeling of your desires for as long as you can. Embed, weave it into your cells so it takes over you, it becomes the fabric of YOU. What color are you? What vibratory pattern are you moving at, calling in EXACTLY what and who you want?

Just for fun, here is the definition of FEEL:


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