sixty-seven ideas.


Let us create a new memory, a new tradition, a new story around TODAY, the day after Thanksgiving. The day where we give thanks for our life, our bodies, our family, the connections we have, the LOVE we feel. And then we are ushered into what is called in America “Black Friday”. Ugh. A lot of our holidays and life in general in the U.S. is around consumerism. Why is the message to BUY MORE STUFF?! Is it to fulfill a deep-seated need that we don’t feel whole? That if we buy something, we shall feel better about our actions in the world? Or if we give something to someone, that will really show them how we feel about them?

Have we learned anything from our Indigenous Partners on this Earth? They recognized decades ago that a culture built upon consumption is a culture that dishonors and shortens life as we know it. Today is a day to change our story. Let us ask the right questions before we buy something. Who made it? What political power is behind the CEO of this company? Was anyone hurt by this product? By buying this product, is it adding to my life and in what way and for how long? Perhaps you can come up with some good questions to ask…

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