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Giving Tuesday

Thank goodness we are here.

Giving Tuesday—the latest iteration of post-Thanksgiving spending days (think Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday)—is a global online movement dedicated to giving back. The occasion puts the spotlight on generosity, inspiring people around the world to invest in causes they believe in.

Since its inception in 2012, more than $55 million has been raised to support over 10,000 participating organizations. It might even be more than that. I say LOCAL. We often care more about what is happening in the White House rather than in our own house. I am a huge fan of supporting local so we can all thrive. I live in Santa Cruz where we have some big issues that need some attention.

Not sure where to start?

I did an interview series once for the Start With Yourself Telesummit that we ended up never airing. Sidenote: putting on a telesummit is a lot of work on the back end, lesson learned! Anyway, I did an interview with the fabulous Andrew Harvey, a British offer, and he coined his movement Sacred Activism. He instructed me to first ask myself the question, “what would I die for?”. This allows you to have the lens and perspective on a social issue that you just could not stand in your bones. Then, he said, create a network, a circle of no more than 12 people. I think it was somewhere between 8-12 people, I will have to re-listen to our interview. He called them networks of grace. So beautiful. And you come together in alignment with the same passion to collaborate on the particular issue. Perhaps a non-profit or business will come out of it, but more importantly, you are gathering with others for a cause. I thought it was brilliant. So simple, yet are we doing it?

I was struck by a photo on Instagram of the late Jean da Silva who was a Brazilian surfer who commited suicide. From his social media accounts you would never know that anything was “off”. It’s so critical to truly pick up the phone or meet with friends in person. We never truly know how another is doing through our social media accounts. Remember that. It’s not our job to compare, but it is our job to be in Oneness. If you have an extra hand to reach out, do it. When your cup spilleth over, share. Not sure who to share in your community with? Ask.

What I love about being an adult, is that we have self-responsibility. We also can’t just wait for others to extend a hand. Take great care of yourself by ASKING for what you need. You may not get it, but the process will bridge you with others and that’s part of the point here, right? To be in relationship with others along the journey of ups and downs. Share yourself with others. And more importantly, if you can GIVE today, give.


Today you can give to OHF in any amount for:

  • new resistance bands for boot camp
  • new equipment (in general) for boot camp
  • any other idea you have


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