sixty-seven ideas.


Joy is the Ultimate Creator.

What do we mean by that?!

My adoptive parents named me Leta. I changed it to LeTa when I was a sophomore in high school because I was sick of the heavy “d” people would say instead of a “T”. I then changed it when I write it so people recognize to pronounce the T. The main gist is that when people say your name all day long, it’s a sound wave onto you. It’s a harmonic wash and for some reason it just started to not feel good. Anyway, if you look up the meaning of the word in Latin, LeTa means Joy. I came up with my own meaning, perhaps a decade ago: Goddess of the New World. The New World that we want to live in, that is.

Anyway, the whole idea is that your J.O.B is to FEEL GOOD. Instead of “trying” to CREATE so much in the world and for your life, find JOY, find true happiness, what makes your Heart SOAR? Be that. Do that. Because when you are there, when you are in that FEELING state… that is when the creative life-force of the Universe comes through you and literally MOVES you…. to create.

Let me know how you are doing with this!  And if you need help getting into that Joyful state… you know where to find us.

Happy Wednesday!

You. Got. This.

I believe in YOU. I am never, ever giving up on you.


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