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This weekend, find Community.

Find a High and Stay there.

Look for your most ideal situation this weekend. What’s so wonderful about the word “weekend” is that most people have time off. It reminds us the importance of play, of raising our vibe, finding real optimism for the first weekend of December, the holiday month, the “shopping” month… remind yourself, bring it to the forefront of your brain for a moment that this weekend is a pitstop, not a place to reside, if that makes sense. The urge to connect within and with others will start to be magnified. We see this around our purpose (i hope) and this will bring the best out of us. I love making cards – it’s been a while and I am thinking of picking up this place time for me as it’s always the smallest acts of kindness that is the cornerstone of our daily lives that reminds us that it’s all worth it. Of course we are all striving for some bigger understanding of why we are here, AND because our path is never straightforward (remind me to tell you about Litsea and Myrrh at another time), it’s seldom do we see that our most important life lessons are right there in front of us – in the moment — but that our perceived chaos and appearance of our “life” and day to day is actually a Purpose. We have to work with it! We have to try and do our best to understand that the lessons are often painful (and maddening) but the more we hold on and grasp tightly to the notion of how we think it should look like, the farther away we get – leave it alone. Allow.

The best thing I can say as we enter December, is scan your year. Notice the relationships (I’d say since the beginning of 2015) that have really offered real support for you. The ones that allow you to be you, in your entirety. Where you feel held, where you feel seen, where you feel loved. The relationships that have offered you a place to find YOU. Recognize, acknowledge and send gratitude.

*a note about todays image: Peace, Love and Justice for all. This time we are living in – wouldn’t it be AMAZING if people felt peace and love… so simple, yet so many do not. And of course, Justice. We all want justice. We all want to live in a world where it is FAIR. And it is not. So as simple as a notion of Peace, Love and Justice –> I call for that today for all beings on the planet. May we each find our way to embody PEACE, to feel LOVE in our hearts, and of course — find Justice where you can. Resolve is an amazing Spiritual quality and we all must find inner resolve to wake up every day and have hope, be on purpose and be present.


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