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It’s time to Return to LOVE

What do you think about going the extra mile? It’s the love that we don’t give that keeps us up at night, yes? I was thinking about heart ache recently and the disenfranchised parts of myself. My initial reaction is that I want to cut these parts out, there is shame and the shadow appears big when the filters come up.  But the Truth is to recognize they are a part of me. In Chinese Medicine, the winter is where we find stillness, we slow down to connect within, In fact, there is fertile soil in the darkness. Are you willing to change your mind about yourself? I love this phrase: I love you and you can’t stay that way. Somethings calling you a little bit deeper, do you hear it? It’s no accident that we are alive in this moment in time. Take whatever you have. Don’t wait for more money, more time, more love. When this, when that, if this happens…

Connect. Accept. Forgive. Love.

Let’s do this together.


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