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What’s your mantra today?

Our role at OHF is to be a trusted guide, a lighthouse in your life and to support you through the exciting and rocky waters of growth, change, and transition.This concept of growth could be cellular growth, stretching your mindset, changing your paradigm, upgrading your software. The concept of change could be supporting you with Chinese Medicine and my coaching so you can stay in your body and give space for your emotional self to heal. And the idea of transition is the most important. How are you embodying consciousness as you transition. Transition from one job to the next, into a relationship, out of a relationship, the passing of a loved one, etc.

It is our intention to help you navigate your path with wellness through timeless, universal, and proven success principles, habits, and strategies to light your way and create tangible results. Every body is different and I’m not talking about just your genetics. I look at you as a unique solar system… an entity of energetic frequencies that often is playing a beautiful sound. But when not– the discordance can be disrupting and to find that harmonic again, sometimes we need a conductor when we feel like we are not holding our own baton.

It is through my own life that I understand that leading our lives with principles, you can rest assured that the choices you make and the results you create will be long lasting, tried, and true. Change will come. We know this for sure. A lot of us are experiencing that right now. However –> principles Are Universal. How you choose to respond will determine your destination. Do you have a mantra? A short phrase that can be pulled into the forefront of your mind whenever needed?

Try some on and see what lands. It can be your guide, your compass in the days of December when you need it most.

You got this.


Taken this morning at Capitola Village at the end of boot camp.

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