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= conduct a case for

Today at 2 p.m. PST, I will DEFEND my Capstone for my Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. My topic is A Comprehensive Literature Review of the History and Therapeutic Implications of Cannabis. My paper is not done, I have 2 months to make edits and my graduation is in Santa Cruz on Sunday, April 22nd. However, todayI will make a case that my work is a contribution to my field, a compilation of my research and worthy to be a part of my colleagues and soon to be officially called a Dr. Wish me luck! I will share more about details of my Capstone at a later time (of course).

But more about TODAY…. Hopefully you noticed the Moon last night as it began to rise, if not, you always have the next couple of nights to witness such Glory, once again. A few thoughts to think about today:


The burdens of your past need not hinder your present mental and emotional realm. They can INFORM this moment. Inform = information. Try and deepen your appreciation of being informed. You are not your “stuff”. Let go where you can, find Peace where you can, Forgive where you can. AND… remember that nothing you have done (doing not being) will dictate your future. You have the power here. I am more interested in how you interpret this information, this wisdom and teachings that are coming in about yourself. I do realize (as I am getting many these days) that they SUCK! But what I do realize, that even though they are maddening, this cultivated awareness, this raising of consciousness, this reflection… instead of getting stagnant by low self-esteem that we are only human, realize that something deeper is calling you, that this thought, awareness, situation, circumstance and information is trying to get through to you. Pick up the phone, it IS ringing!

I will end with Love. Self love first. Always. And whenever we have something with another person, usually it goes back to Love, whether we think that or not. It will always teach us our greatest lessons. Love will always require more than we think we have. Tomorrow is the Full Moon! Yeah! or Ugh.  But just like the 2 essential oils i mentioned earlier this week and will talk about them tomorrow… whether it’s essential oils or the full moon, the lessons you are needing to learn will become crystal clear. You will see better, hear better. It will review how vital it is that all relationships, whether it’s about your relationship with food, money, your partner, your boss, your job, your neighbor and so forth — all shall be build upon a solid foundation and within it’s own time. Each connection has a particular rhythm. Don’t force it, as you can’t force time (although we try to manipulate time all the time).

Love yourself. Start there. Open your ears and open your eyes. You got this!



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