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Do you have a Mentor?

We all need to surround ourselves around people that inspire us to be the person we know we are. When we are in front of another individual, a certain part of ourselves is expressed. Each connection is a completely different dynamic and that’s the beauty of meeting new people, developing friendships and discovering the different parts of your personality that shows up to be expressed when in the presence of another. We often get a little “drunk” and giggly when you meet someone that lights you up, that motivates you, that moves your energy!

And then there is a place for an actual Mentor, a Life Advisor, someone who will guide you, see your bigger picture and Legacy, hold you accountable, give you books to read, direct you when you are not able to.

This is different than a great group of friends.

AND… we may need different Mentors for different aspects of our lives. I encourage you to set the intention of calling one in, or take time to reach out and set yourself up for Dog Year and 2018 to be On Track, to be On Purpose.



Find Your Tribe.


Find your Life Advisor.


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