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This was last year on Christmas ... my favorite video EVER!! Merry Christmas!! I hope your heart is filled with as much joy as Snowball in the snow!

Posted by Michelle Bean on Sunday, December 25, 2016


The best dog ever.

It’s so maddening and disheartening to let go of a four-legged. I am so bumbed out about Snowball’s passing. Michelle moved her to Santa Cruz in January 2011, it was just before our first official Santa Cruz Challenge. Not only is she on our logo, but she was our email header, in all of our pictures and our official mascot! She fell in love with Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz fell in love with her. She was the most amazing dog on so many levels… what a great teacher she was and is for me.

As with anything, Snowball went through her ups and downs. We had a tumor taken out a while back that was pretty scary an mot recently we had to pull 9 of her teeth. Because of our outstanding vet bills (thousands), I decided that anyone who wants to donate in honor of Snowball for her vet bills, you can have your choice of any of the gear we have left!

Or just buy something in her honor… We are officially selling all the Gear at below wholesale! So if you had wanted to grab something and didn’t… now is your chance!

More importantly, Here’s to SNOWBALL. I want us to gather at Seabright in her honor and spread her ashes. I will post when we do this in case you want to come.

Thanks for loving her!






Donate to Snowball (medical bills) and we will gift you GEAR of your choice from the Santa Cruz Challenge, Start With Yourself program!



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