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Yin and Yang.

Black and White. City and Country. Community and hanging out alone. Day and night. Effort and ease. Discipline and down time. Conducting and being. It’s time to discover the perfect balance for YOU in ways to be in the world. Tai Chi push hands exercise teaches us this. Learning more about Yin and Yang teaches us this.

I love the movie Footloose. The famous phrase, “there is a time for each purpose under heaven. There’s a time to weep. There’s a time to mourn. And there is a time to dance”. Right now, it’s time to commit to pleasure as a practice of self-actualization. I keep saying that your main job is to feel good. Sometimes we use more Yang energy and we try to create, we push, we do.  The Yin energy allows you to recognize the power you have to actualize and manifest yourself in the material world without a lot of effort. What we consciously choose to bring into form, however, will also teach us the most about our feelings of lack, self-doubt, and despair.  Remember, these feelings are a naturally occurring part of having a creatively engaged life, which is a good thing. When we have these feelings that, in the past, we would rate as “bad”. That’s duality (good/bad) and that paradigm doesn’t serve us any longer. These feelings are usually indicative of our personal growth. As you push past your limitations into new realms of experience and opportunity, old fears arise. You want to feel those feelings, their appropriateness for the current moment, connect with that hurt place within so healing can take place. It’s the commitments that we make to our growth that pull us through those treacherous places and those feelings we just don’t want to feel anymore. My favorite line from Love Actually is “Enough, now”.

The good news, is that if we know that, no matter what, we are in this to win our own self-respect, appreciation and praise, we can create sturdy enough boundaries to hold the uncomfortableness of creating our lives as we know we NEED to. The best exercise is to fast forward to you are 100 years old. You have experienced what you wanted, to have enjoyed yourself, lived a full life, are surrounded by loved ones. Now. What will you do in the next decade, next year, next month, next hour, knowing that All is truly well. That you will have everything you want. It’s a Trust exercise wtih yourself and this Great Universe.

Happy Friday!


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