sixty-seven ideas.


The last day of 2017.


day zero. Wow. no more days left in December, that came fast! This exercise has been great for me, so thank you for those who have been on this 67-days left of the year with me. I will continue to blog, but perhaps once a week or whenever I feel inspired….. so on for todays words..

Lead or be lead. Choose. Because if you aren’t conducting your own life, someone else may be. The effort it takes to mature and grow up is worth it. Authentically getting to that place where you give without any expectation of what will be received or returned to you, is the Gift. The journey is the reward, the work is the reward, Mastery is the reward. Our sense of self and deservingness of love is being transformed by the stars right now, so it’s a great time to exhale unworthiness. To stand in your confidence with your own authority and ultimately devote yourself to the longevity and endurance of living as LOVE.

And Lastly, tonight and tomorrow is a place to listen for guidance from Spirit and your Ancestors. New Year declarations for yourself are advisable as what you speak has power now. If you are able to do a vision board or burning bowl ceremony or write what you want to let go of on a piece of paper and what you want to call in on another piece of paper, it’s the movement of emotion, energy in motion, towards the direction you want to be heading in, with consciousness and intent.

Happiest of New Year to you all! I only wish for health, wealth and happiness for you and your family.


LeTa, Michelle, Snowball and Ginger


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