We are what we repeatedly do. We are what we repeatedly think. Belief. Say to ourselves. So I want you to identify and decide to start a habit that will have the biggest positive impact in your life. Pick just one key habit — the way you know how o pick it, is if you engaged in this habit, your life would be different. YOU would feel differently.

And as you select this new habit that will propel you into greatness and change your perspective about yourself and how you experience the world, you may have to create your “stop doing list”. Think of this: pull out the weeds before you plant the seeds. The next part is to know your why. Have a deep sense of why. Why is it wildly important to you? Imagine your life five years from now. If you have installed this habit and removed the #1 thing that’s holding you back, who are you? What does your life look like?

And remember to embrace the process. If we had a lab coat and goggles on and were in a research lab and our experiment failed, do you think we would sabotage ourselves the way we do in life when we go for a goal and miss the mark? Remember what I said about adding all this other judgment and shame on top. It will keep you in a holding pattern. Keep a learning mindset. It’s just data to use.

If you want to generate positive change in your community

that ripples out into the world, there’s only one place to begin:

with yourself.

When people feel good about themselves, they are able to face new challenges, heal old wounds, and make others around them feel good. If we want our communities to thrive, we have to thrive. If we want our communities to change…to reflect a better set of values…then we must change. I must change.

The time is NOW to invest in ME..

Make a Difference in the World.

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