In Your Deepest Intent by Rev. Deborah Johnson, in section 7 of Abundance it states:

Will you give up looking for your Good behind door number one, two or three and know that your Good is in the recesses of your being? Will you stop looking for people, places and things to give you a break, an opportunity, and know that access to my Goodness is yours, just because who you are is who i am.

i love this. We always get in our own way. And why? At what cost?

I want to bring our awareness through a Chinese and Taoist lens, that when we personally narrate and interpret what we see, we are mainly coming from an emotional place, a subconscious place.

We are about to enter the Fire Phoenix Year on January 27th. I use the translation Phoenix because it brings opportunities for rebirth and transformation. Feel free to use Rooster. But when we interpret the patterns and cycles of life and describe the energy of the year or Qi, we want to embrace the Rooster traits.

Loyalty, commitment, hard work, family values, and top-notch appearances are just some of the characteristics that will be rewarded this year.

Phoenix is a brilliant, inspirational, and fearless visionary. The element Fire is perfect for Phoenix because Fire brings strength, passion, bravery, and leadership. So now is the year to break free, claim your destiny, and overcome obstacles. You can heal past actions, even past lives, with your new awareness.

This is good news! Best to remember that everything you need is within you, to get out of your own way and notice the way you “name” the happenings in your life….


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