I want to step back a little bit and create a framework for our discussion.

Brian Greene wrote The Elegant Universe. He says,

“Basic building blocks of matter are proven to actually be vibratory strings of oscillating energy.”

There is an energy template held within all living things. Life gives us a template from which to grow.

Gravity creates a field of energy as we are pulled toward the earth.

This field of energy directly affects the physical body and movement.

The mind creates another energy field that sets up patterns for behavior.

And this is what I’m interested in.

The environment we live in influences the energy template as thoughts and feelings also regulate the flow of energy through the mind and body. Then what will regulate the rhythms and systems of the body? Breathing.

If we want to Purify What We are Seeing, then we must define what our ideal situation looks like. We must look at the limiting or negative beliefs we may have around the situation. What is one action step we can take to move towards the ideal situation?

If what we are seeing is only a magnifier, a hologram, a projection of our inner world, then wouldn’t a good place to start is With Ourself?

We have the desire to change our beliefs and perceptions because we now know that when you accept, when you believe and surrender to any thought without analysis you begin to program your autonomic nervous system to make its own pharmacy of chemicals that allow your brain and body to literally live in the reality that you truly desire.

Based on the research of experts around the world, people are able to control their brain wave patterns when they go from a narrow focus on objects and things to an open focus on space and on nothing.

And when you begin to rest your awareness in different parts of your body and you become aware of the space around your body, the brain does some magical things.

First thing it changes from beta brain wave patterns to alpha brain wave patterns and in Alpha the inner world is more real than your outer world and you’re moving closer to your subconscious mind where able to program your autonomic nervous system to work for you.

this is good news!

We also know that when you’re sensing and your feeling you’re not thinking. So the analytical mind slows down. The purpose of meditation is to move past your analytical mind and into your subconscious mind.

We also know that when you open your focus, you move to a more coherent organized integrated brain wave patterns. So when you open your focus, that’s the moment different compartments of your brain, that were no longer communicating with each other because they have been programmed by the hormones of stress, begin to work in a more unified fashion.

And so if you’re focusing on objects and people and things and places and you’re living under the gun of the fight or flight nervous system, your brain mimics the exact same place your attention is. So your brain gets very incoherent.

We also know that when people tend to open their focus, they’re able to slip into altered states and they can do that as if it was a skill just like any sport.

So there’s a reason why we do people meditate and pray and do things to get them to step back from their identity and step into a space in time where there is nothingness and everything all at the same time.

We know that you and I are at our absolute best when we get out of the way.

And when we do, that’s the moment that the power within us can begin to work with us.

So when you are consumed by relating to your identity of being a certain gender, a certain profession, a certain body weight, driving a certain car – then you are subject to the laws of the body, the laws of the environment, the laws of time.

BUT — when you forget that you have a body, and a certain identity and forget that you are in Santa Cruz – you can get beyond time – you can become pure consciousness.

Which means then – when you get to that place in that infinite blackness where you are no longer identifying as a person, as a body, living in this particular environment and living in linear time, the moment you are pure consciousness that’s the moment you walk through the door to the quantum field.

You can’t walk through the door to the quantum field to somebody you have to walk through the door as a nobody.

And if you want something to manifest in your life out of nowhere, then you have to get to nowhere. And if you want to heal by thought alone, then you have to become thought alone.

Now in those moments – where you might linger in that place beyond space and time, that is the perfect place to create from. This is the moment you have dominion over your body.

That’s the moment you can change something in your environment and that’s the moment you can create from.

In order for you to change a belief or perception about yourself in your life, you have to make a decision with such firm intention that the amplitude of that decision carries a level of energy that’s greater than the hardwired programs in your brain and the emotional addictions in your body.

In other words, the choice that you make is a decision that you never forget.

Because the experience that you’re having internally, carries an amplitude of energy that’s greater than any past experience.

Experiences create emotions and emotions create long term memories.

So make a decision in this moment that you’re no longer being defined in your past, you’re being defined by a future reality. There is a level of finality to this and says to your body – I am no longer in the past.

And your body then begins to get a sampling of the future.

Your body is being signaled emotionally and new genes are being activated and you are literally changing your biological state by changing your energy.

So with this change in your energetic state, there are daily habits that we need to install in order to tap into your own superpowers.

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