The #1 approach to heal Lymes is through your diet.

We need to make sure you don’t have heavy metal toxicity. Do you live in a house with mold? We also need to look at what is contributing to inflammation in your body:

Sugar and grains that turn into sugar, bad fats like vegetable oils and toxins (heavy metals and mold)

We need to decease your carb intake, and increase good fats, more vegetables and bone broth — but most importantly, a short term ketogenic diet. This means limiting carbs to 30 grams a day or less.

Have you made bone broth? Are you gluten-free by chance? Chronic Lyme symptoms are usually the result of a depleting gut microbiome resulting from the devastation caused by the antibiotics. Have you taken antibiotics? Do you do probiotics at all? Like inulin and insoluble fiber?

I can give you a 30-day plan if you want. It will do more than seeing a local Acupuncturist. Although, getting acupuncture is ALWAYS a good idea for overall well-being.

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