Relieve Congestion and Improve Breathing

You have 22 bones in your skull that come together like a puzzle at areas called sutures.

  • The cranial plates are designed to expand and contract with breathing to keep your lymphatics draining, the blood flowing, and protective cerebrospinal fluid moving around the brain and spinal cord.

Hits to the face and head can cause these sutures to become stuck, preventing this cranial respiration and diminishing the overall function of many neurological systems.

  • There are 52 points of cranial interconnection at the area directly behind the nasal structure. When any one of these connections becomes stuck or blocked it affects the function of the cranium as a whole.

Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique allows us to go in through the nasal cavity and adjust all these interconnections and sutures from the inside out. Reports from patients include:


  • Expansion in the nasal airways and an ability to breathe deep and clear
  • Relief from migraines and headaches
  • Clearing away of chronic nose, ears, and overall head congestion
  • Relief from chronic sinusitis and allergy residuals
  • Clear nasal passage leads to increased oxygen to the brain and higher cognitive function
  • Relief from chronic brain fog
  • Cessation from snoring and sleep apnea has been reported
  • Relief from constant nasal drip and raw nose from wiping

Relieve pinned up pressure

Expand your Potential


Trauma to the face and head


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Nasal Specific Technique

What is Nasal Specific Technique and who can benefit from this adjustment? There are 22 bones in the skull that are connected at suture lines. When these sutures are impacted by trauma they can get stuck and prevent the bones of the head from subtle movement causing complications. Nasal Specific Technique is designed to reintroduce motion to the cranial sutures..

Some Known Causes


There are two basic types of concussions. Impact Concussions are caused by a direct physical hit to the head like in football, MMA/boxing, soccer headers, hockey, falls, and any other accidents or traumas.

Non-Impact (or Impulse) concussions are caused due to an acceleration force as opposed to a hit to the head. Examples are whiplash, car accidents where the head does not hit an object, or a concussive blast as soldiers experience in active war zone.

Sports Injuries

There are many physical activities that fall short of causing a concussion, but can still have a large enough impact to the head to cause the cranial/facial plates to lock up. The most obvious sports are football, boxing, MMA, wrestling, soccer, hockey, field hockey, snowboarding/skiing, and rugby.

The less obvious are gymnastics, dance, baseball, softball, trampoline, water sports, and I’m sure you can think of a few yourself.


Birth and ADL

If you think about it, one of our most traumatic life experiences is the birth process. The use of forceps and suction to aid in the delivery can cause major trauma to the head. If the position of the cranial plates are disrupted, and don’t realign properly, symptoms can begin at a very young age.

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) – how many hits and bangs to the head that hurt at the time, but don’t seem like a big deal in the big picture have you sustained over your lifetime: learning to walk/ride a bike, open drawer or cabinet door, trunk of the car, rough play with siblings, slips/falls … ??

Estimated Yearly Concussions





Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique

Profound & Effective

The Benefits 

Nasal specific unlocks the cranial plates of the skull to relieve pinned up pressure within the cerebral spinal fluid and nervous system. Releasing this pressure reestablishes the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid to the body and proper blood flow to the brain.

People who can benefit from Nasal Specific are those with migraines, headaches, abnormal breathing patterns, allergies, sinus problems, snoring, memory problems, upper back pain, chronic fatigue, mood and behavior swings, hearing or vision problems, loss of concentration, emotional issues, anxiety and many others.

The Adjustment

The adjustment involves carefully placing a finger cot (like a small balloon), affixed to a blood pressure bulb, inside each of the six nasal passage ways, one at a time. The finger cot is gently inflated and quickly removed within 1-3 seconds. It has been describes as an uncomfortable feeling, but the benefits are tremendous and well worth it.

The nasal procedure, (also known as bilateral nasal technique, cranial facial, and endonasal technique) has been used by medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and other physicians since the 1930’s.

Protocol and Pricing

Initial Series


2x’s per week for 3 weeks

Initial Consultation, Exam and Adjustment $295

Remaining 5 Adjustments: $700


For some people the initial series will be permanent and you’ll never need another treatment.
Some may want to come in as needed for ongoing maintenance.

Years in Practice

Patients Served

Nasals Performed

Smiles Exchanged

No more puffy eye

“I had puffiness around my right eye and I couldn’t figure out the cause. I’m super happy it went away after the 5th treatment and hasn’t returned. I also feel I have more clarity of mind.”

– Alicia Garcia

I can breathe through my nose

“I’ve been a mouth breather for as long as I can remember and suffer from chronic allergies and congestion.

After Nasal Specific, I can breathe so much better through my nose.”

– Michael Scotti

Maximize performance

“Nasal Specific helped open up my airways to maximize the amount of oxygen getting to my brain and body. My goal was a sub-six minute mile run. Goal Achieved!”

– Boris Seibert

Tinnitus gone


“I’ve had chronic congestion in my ears, tinnitus that comes and goes, and difficulty hearing people speak. Nasal Specific helps reduce all the congestion in my head, and my hearing has improved a lot.”

– Cheryl Graham

Optimize function and performance

“I’m always looking for ways I can maximize how I perform. I want to function at the highest level possible, physically, metabolically, and hormonally..”

– Bill Berkowitz

Got rid of snoring

“Nasal Specific worked, and it got rid of my snoring.

I”m a singer and I want to be able to access my full breathing apparatus”

– Colleen Douglas

No more brain fog

“Nasal Specific helps me breathe deeper. I have more clarity, my cognitive function improves after the adjustment.

I have more focus and more energy”

– Scott Hunter

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Book an Appointment

Call: 831-531-7449


Text or Call: 775-240-3936

Please let me know your name, phone number and your two best days and time frame for your first appointment. Your first appointment will be 40-45 minutes. Follow-up appointments will be 15-20 minutes.

Does it hurt?

It doesn’t hurt. I have yet to hear anyone say that this treatment hurts. There is a pressure inside the nasal cavity that has been described as getting water up the nose … intense, but not painful.

We are not as accustomed to having things go into our nasal cavity as we are having things come out of it. Those who have ‘locked up’ cranial and facial interconnections say this is the most profound and beneficial treatment they have ever experienced. The body is brilliant in design and the human brain is brilliant in intellect. We have found a method to release stuck motion in the skull to remove interference from the normal wear-n-tear of life, so the body can do what it is designed to do.

How much are your services?


The protocol for first time clients is a series of 6 adjustments, 2x’s per week, for 3 weeks. This INITIAL SERIES is a one-time payment of $995

Additional treatments are $95 per adjustment or a pre-paid package of 10 treatments for $800 (savings $195)


Do I have to do it more than once?

The protocol for nasal specific technique is an initial series of 6 treatments over a 2-3 week period. For some people, this initial series can be permanent and you’ll never need another treatment. Depending on the chronicity of your symptoms, and your current activities, you may decide to have ongoing maintenance treatments. This could be a longer series, an additional 10 treatments, or once every couple of weeks or months.

For example, if you are someone who is involved in sports or activities where hits to the head are common (football, MMA, boxing, soccer … etc) then you may want to have a weekly or monthly treatment.

We can discuss your options after your initial series.

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