A full adjustment of thought and attitude is needed in order to reach all the layers that have been damaged. The fate of the world could be changed by each of us knowing how the body functions and what power the mind has in keeping a balance of physical and spiritual. Deep healing is integrating thought systems with behavioral changes.

We have free will to create the life we want yet we are influenced by the external environment, our past, family ties, biology and power of mind. The amount of influence we allow in our lives and our overwhelming desire to continually bring up the past demonstrates an inactive will. When we harbor thoughts, the body responds. The CNS is directly linked to the brain and emotional center (limbic system). Nerve impulses then travel through the body to your muscles, organs or wherever the psychological tendency is. [For example, perhaps you learned to bite your nails when under stress.] The nerve impulses to this oral habit keeps the energy inbound and around the oral segment.

This stress reaction produces a habitual response and creates a feedback loop that can also keep the thoughts from circling inside — instead of finding a healthier means of expression. A biochemical mechanism is running and neuro-pathways are fed, the deeper-seated this tendency. The more emotional charge we put to the habit, the more complex the pathways become.

Who out there feels like they are complex?

What’s more outrageous, is that if there is also guilt or self-criticism about this habit, these feelings make the habit harder to break — and they continue to drain the kidney energy (which houses your willpower) in what is now an addiction to adrenalin or cortisol being produced by the adrenal glands.

Retrain yourself and nervous system by noticing the habit, take a breath. Using willpower, redirect your actions in a positive manner. Bring presence to the moment and your attention redirects, which redirect the neural networks, balancing the central vessels and chakras.

Poor breathing habits are born out of our unconscious need for a buffering mechanism to keep us from sensing and feeling the reality of our own deep-rooted fears and contradictions.

Superficial breathing ensures a superficial experience of ourselves.

15,000 breaths a day

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