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We have the absolute highest of integrity when it comes to our patients and clients. You can trust that we will do our very best and get you the results you are looking for. Even if that means referring out to another local provider. We are service based and community-oriented. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. We love what we do and who we are in the world and are honored to be in the healing arts.


If this is your first time visiting us, we are located at 1119 Pacific Avenue, 3rd Floor. ENTER from the BACK where the Farmers Market is. Facing Logos Bookstore, the door is to the right. Enter small lobby and take Elevator to 3rd floor. We occupy the whole third floor. Parking is 50 cents per hour. As you enter, bathrooms are on the right, otherwise come straight forward through the large room and you will see me at the desk on the right. If I’m not there, just have a seat on the couch in the waiting area. You may print and fill out the appropriate forms before coming in, otherwise we will have them on a clipboard at reception. Please try not to wear any heavy perfumes as some of our patients are sensitive to chemicals. If you are using organic essential oils, that is ok. Thanks for understanding other patients and their sensitivity.


When you book your appointment, ask LeTa or Michelle for the proper forms (if any) for your specific appointment. Please fill out best as you can and bring to your session. Thank you!

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  • Stair workout! 👍🏼
  • A beautiful sunrise this morning for boot camp!
  • Morning boot camp was a success! FriYay! 💪🎉💖
  • Tricep Bench Dips via Boomerang! 💪

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  • How is your emptying your mind practice coming along? Even Buddha had suffering. As long as you have a body, you will have a name, and identity, and an ego which means you have karmic contracts and debt. This path isn’t about not suffering. It’s more about how you name the experience and your perspective about what’s happening. 🙏
  • Stay tuned for my upcoming Chinese New Year talk... ...
#chinesemedicine #chinesenewyear #yearofthedog #dogyear #taoism #prediction #astrology #chineseaatrology
  • Would you be interested in learning how to use Chinese Medicinal principles for your life?
  • Moxa = Mugwart = Ai Ye = Chinese Herb used on the skin or on a needle. A warming technique to strengthen. 🙏

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