How the Vibe is different than your “normal ” workout.

The studies are in…

Sitting is officially the new smoking. And even typical exercise may not be enough to pay off your ‘chair debt.’

Because if you’re after peak health and performance, the latest research also shows that you need both exercise and plenty of ‘non-exercise physical activity’ (just plain moving around).

Astronauts having been using whole-body vibration technology for years to maintain bone density and muscle mass after missions in zero gravity…

And by simplifying the technology down to exactly what’s proven to work (with no unnecessary bells and whistles), the Bulletproof Vibe allows you to take advantage of whole body vibration training without the usual $5,000 to $15,000+ cost.

FAQs: How Is The Bulletproof Vibe Different From a Normal Workout?

Conventional workouts with weights and machines only stimulate about half your muscle fibers. Yet when you stand on the plate, the Vibe’s 30 vibrations per second engage a full 95% of your muscle tissue – including both your ‘slow-twitch’ and ‘fast-twitch’ fibers. That means your muscles can literally get the equivalent of a full day’s worth of movement in just a matter of minutes

Plus, unlike a normal workout that raises your stress hormone (cortisol) levels for up to 20 hours, making it harder to recover or burn fat… Studies show vibration training may actually decrease your cortisol by as much as 27%.

Not only that, at the same time it can give your good hormones a boost: One study showed up to 460% more growth hormone from just 10 sessions on a vibration plate!

Why Does The Vibe Make You Feel Energized?

Besides building muscle and bone strength, one of the biggest benefits of moving around is helping your lymph system circulate. You have three times more lymph fluid in your body than blood, and its job is to clean out dead cells and waste (think of it as your body’s janitor).

The difference is, your lymph system doesn’t have a heart to keep it flowing – so to make it circulate, you need to shake things up. It’s one major reason why long periods of sitting make you weak…

And it’s also why taking a long walk, jogging on a treadmill or jumping up and down on a trampoline can leave you feeling refreshed as your lymph system drains and rids your body of stored-up toxins.

The good news is, if you don’t have time for a daily walk or trip to the gym, you can shortcut kicking your lymph system into gear in just a few minutes. All by standing on a vibration plate for a few minutes during a work break, or while you watch TV.

Can The Vibe Help You Lose Weight?

Consider this: In one study, people using a vibration plate burned nearly twice as much fat as a group using typical workouts. And they kept most of that weight off over the next year. Probably because the vibration plate group had an impressive 12% increase in resting metabolic rate (how many calories you burn when you’re not moving) in just 3 months.

Other studies show that vibration training is uniquely effective at reducing cellulite (as a former 300-pound guy, I can tell you that’s not just useful for women). How much cellulite? In another recent study, using a vibration plate trimmed cellulite by over 25% in 6 months.

How Much Do You Need To Use It To Get The Maximum Benefit?

You can get many of the benefits like shaking up your lymph system in 5 minutes or less when you’re starting out (in fact, I recommend starting slow). And you can get many of the ‘advanced’ benefits – like burning fat and building muscle – in as little as 15 minutes.

And you don’t even need to use it every day…

Is The Vibe Safe For Non-Athletes?

Yes — because you can start out just by standing on the plate, there’s no minimum fitness level to take advantage of Vibe training. If you can stand in one place for a few minutes at a time, you can benefit.

What Kinds Of Workouts Can You Do With The Vibe?

You can use the Vibe with almost any kind of home workout – with or without weights. And because the extra “G” forces from the Vibe’s 30 vibrations per second make practically any movement more effective, your workouts can be a lot shorter. Just try doing a pushup or a squat on the platform and you’ll instantly feel the difference…

Is The Bulletproof Vibe Noisy?

The unique design of the Bulletproof Vibe channels the vibrations up through the sturdy, solid steel plate rather than into the floor. That maximizes your training benefit and minimizes noise. You’ll definitely hear it, yet you should be able to have a normal conversation over it (Pro tip: You can make your Vibe extra quiet with a cheap set of washing machine anti-vibration pads that you can pick up online or at any appliance store).

Is The Vibration Uncomfortable?

No — although it may take a little getting used to. As long as you keep your knees slightly bent, you won’t feel the vibration in your head, just a sensation in your muscles as up to 95% of your muscle fibers engage all at once! The first time, even standing still will feel like a workout – and you’ll feel amazing afterwards

And there’s never been a better time to try out the Bulletproof Vibe than right now.

What People Are Saying About Their Bulletproof Vibes…

“I’ve had it about 3-4 months. Use 5-6 mornings every week. Usually for 10 minutes. Feels very good in the feet while just standing. The after effects are amazing. It’s difficult to describe but you feel very good. It definitely stimulates your nervous system in a positive way. I also use it for working out the leg muscles. Overall, well worth the money (vs. say a treadmill). Feels extremely durable also.” — Tim

“This is the best thing in my house. I can now touch my toes for the first time in my 40 years and it just gives me an overall good feeling. Clearer head, smoother movements, and better attitude. Even my dog seems to enjoy it from time to time.” — Pete

“I recently bought a vibe plate and love it! I can do my yoga on it and take it to another level. I use it twice a day and sleep better and feel great!” — Antar

“I do seem to get an energy surge after using it. Glad I finally broke down and purchased.” — Josh

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