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Doctor LeTa holding her hand on her heart smiling

My story.

My sister was given 3-6 months to live and I was a part of why she is alive today and why I chose to go dedicate my life to educate and inspire individuals around their health.

My business exists because our medical system, food supply chain and product marketing industries are broken. You are getting chronic disease earlier. You aren’t feeling as well as you could be (and you know it). You are on more medications, you are getting more surgeries and cancer is a common household situation.

Most of us have a hard time falling and staying asleep, taking the time to make our meals nutritious and struggle with moving into the direction of living the life of our dreams because we are still “getting through our day”.

I don’t need to tell you the statistics on mental health and so forth. I am here as a force for good and I truly care about us and am honored to give my gifts to those who are ready.