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Santa Cruz group outdoor fitness boot camp

We use an academic, scientific approach to our bootcamp.

Understanding the physiology of the human body, we structure our classes to minimize potential injury and to maximize the training impact. The order in which you do particular exercises is absolutely crucial to your fitness results. Therefore, we think about our 60-minute bootcamps in 15-minute intervals. During these shorter intervals, we alternate between our unique training methods which yields a constant switching from cardiovascular to strength work, bringing the heart rate up and back down again. This undoubtedly delivers best results in strengthening and toning, weight loss, building endurance and increasing energy levels.

There is no “typical” day of bootcamp because we use several kinds of exercises, including individual, partner and team exercises, to execute our training methods. We make each class different, challenging and exciting so that there is no routine and that you want to keep coming back. Having a workout routine with the same exercises is not only boring, but your body gets used to it and will not continue to be properly challenged. We understand this and constantly change things up and bring in the latest, best workout ideas.

We use no typical gym equipment. We mainly use the natural outdoor environment and your own body weight. We provide jump ropes and resistance bands during the week and other functional fitness equipment at our Saturday circuit class. All that you would need to bring is optional: a large or medium-sized towel or yoga mat for groundwork, resistance band, bicycling or weight-lifting gloves without the fingers to protect your hands while you are exercising and water to keep yourself well hydrated.

We welcome all fitness levels and ages of women and men into our bootcamps. More often than not, there will be others similar to you. We are very experienced and make sure that every person is being properly challenged. Our bootcamp is in no way intimidating. Everyone at bootcamp wants to be in better physical condition. We see that you do your best to achieve your goals. Without our bootcamp, you would never workout this efficiently or effectively on your own.

This intense, fun-filled group class incorporates cardio, muscular endurance, plyometrics, calisthenics and core strengthening exercises into your workout. Boot Camp is open to beginners to seasoned athletes and is designed to burn calories, kick start your metabolism and get you into the best shape of your life! OHF keeps their classes relatively small so that we can concentrate on the form and flexibility of each client throughout the fitness routines. This ensures that you get maximum results and you reduce the risk of injury.

Unlimited classes

$ 150
  • Unlimited Fitness Classes

10-class punch-card

$ 200
  • 10-Class Pass

Drop-in class

$ 25
  • Drop-In Experience


frequently asked questions

It’s on this webpage above.

We hand pick several locations around Santa Cruz County and have East and West side classes. Because we like to offer fun and creative workouts our schedule does vary. You can always call or text 831-222-0189. We meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30 a.m. and 9:15 a.m.

You can either register by paying for the option that best suits you. You can also show up with cash, check, credit card or HSA/Flex Spending cards.

If you are running late for whatever reason, best to call or text the instructor for that specific class to find out where they are headed at a particular location so you can find the class and join them when you arrive. It’s important to do this so he/she can grab extra equipment if needed. For the Autumn/Winter 2018-2019, please text 831-222-0189 and 831-531-7449 so both trainers are reached.

Each class is one hour and meets 3x/week during weekdays and sometimes weekend mornings. The classes provide dynamic total body workouts designed to improve strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance. The program focuses on strengthening the core muscle groups while providing a full-body workout. By using tools such as resistance bands, body weight and gravity, stairs, and natural props, we design a wide variety of fun and exciting workouts that are guaranteed to challenge your body and mind.

All kinds of people, we have anyone from novice athletes to triathletes, teens to seniors with all kinds of backgrounds. The ratio is about 4:1 female-to-male. We have clients aging from 21-74.

9/10 times it might say it will rain or be raining where you are and by the time you get to class, the clouds somehow part and we hold class anyway! We will hold class as long as its safe. If a class is canceled for any reason, we will offer a make-up class. If you are unsure of the weather conditions, please call the OHF main office line (831) 222-0189. 

Absolutely not. Our classes are designed to get you in shape. You are pushed and encouraged based on your current level of fitness. The instructors give you a range of reps, so you can gauge where you are at, and do the appropriate amount for you. We want you to give your best effort on that particular day.

You should wear comfortable workout gear and some comfortable running shoes. Please eat something before coming to class. We recommend bringing water to have before and after the class, but our participants usually do not carry water with them. Some of our clients wear gloves, a beanie, bring a towel or yoga mat. You are welcome to drop off your keys in the trainers car so you don’t have to carry them around with you.

New participants can expect about a 15-20% improvement in strength and endurance after the first session. Our findings also show that flexibility; agility and body composition are improved. Subjective things like increased energy levels, improved sleep, reduced join stiffness and happier moods are also reported.

Tips for a Successful Workout

Please arrive on time and ready to go and arrive hydrated; it takes 30-60 minutes for you body to absorb fluids so best to keep water in your car to have immediately following your workout. Dress appropriately; in the winter months it is wise to have non-cotton layering clothes, gloves and a rain jacket.